MSA Scholarships Policy

It is within the discretion of the Mandarin Sports Association (MSA) Executive Board to waive
registration fees for families requiring financial assistance. Any request for assistance should be
submitted to the VP of Baseball or Softball for review with the Executive Board.

Approval criteria will be based on past registration and volunteer history with the Association, along
with previous scholarships granted. Families may be approved for scholarships for multiple children and
for multiple seasons as long as the scholarship conditions were met in the previous season.

Conditions of each scholarship include 8 hours of volunteer time at MSA during the season for which the
scholarship was approved. For multiple child scholarships, 8 hours per child with a maximum of 16
hours in a season is to be completed. Volunteer time can be completed by any individual as long as the
time is approved in advance. Failing to fulfill the terms of the scholarship will result in disqualification
for any future applications.

Volunteer opportunities can include additional shifts in the concession stand above the standard team
requirement, additional park cleanup activities, or time spent on fundraising events. All time worked
should be approved by an Executive Board member and recorded until the cumulative total is
completed for the scholarship season.

Sponsorships above the standard commitment for each team can be raised and credited against the
volunteer time. Sponsorship forms can be obtained on the MSA website. A $350 sponsorship will be
counted as 8 hours of volunteer work.