Coaching & Volunteers

The City of Jacksonville (COJ) and MSA require all Coaches and Assistant Coaches to have a COJ Volunteer Badge each year. If you plan on coaching, being assistant coach and/or anticipate helping on the field during practice, in the dugout or on the field during the season, you must be listed on a team’s roster to receive a COJ Badge. Contact the COJ Parks and Recreation Department (Mike James @ 904-255-7925) to schedule an appointment to apply for a badge. Badge applications are made via call ahead appointments only. Badges will be picked up by an MSA representative and handed out. Once you receive your badge it must be worn at all times when interacting with players.

Badges are good for one calendar year. Badges must be renewed each calendar year. If you have a badge from 2018 you will need to fill out a Continuation Form and return to the Athletic Director at least 3 weeks before the season begins. If you had a badge in 2017 or prior and did not renew for 2018, you must redo the application process. Continuation Forms are only good for those whose badge is current.

Download Continuation Form